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1 Amorim, Anita B.; Ferreira, Paulo H.; Ferreira, Manuela L.; Lier, Ragnhild; Simic, Milena; Pappas, Evangelos; Zadro, Joshua R.; Mork, Paul Jarle; Nilsen, Tom Ivar Lund.
Influence of family history on prognosis of spinal pain and the role of leisure time physical activity and body mass index: A prospective study using family-linkage data from the Norwegian HUNT study. BMJ Open 2018 ;Volume 8:e022785.(10) p. 1-8
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2 Lier, Ragnhild; Mork, Paul Jarle; Holtermann, Andreas; Nilsen, Tom Ivar Lund.
Familial Risk of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and the Importance of Physical Activity and Body Mass Index: Prospective Data from the HUNT Study, Norway. PLOS ONE 2016 ;Volume 11.(4) p. -
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3 Lier, Ragnhild; Nilsen, Tom Ivar Lund; Vasseljen, Ottar; Mork, Paul Jarle.
Neck/upper back and low back pain in parents and their adult offspring: Family linkage data from the Norwegian HUNT Study. European Journal of Pain 2015 ;Volume 19.(6) p. 762-771
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4 Lier, Ragnhild.
Chronic musculoskeletal pain influenced by genetics. medwireNews [Internet] 2014-08-18
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5 Lier, Ragnhild; Nilsen, Tom Ivar Lund; Mork, Paul Jarle.
Parental chronic pain in relation to chronic pain in their adult offspring: Family-linkage within the HUNT Study, Norway. BMC Public Health 2014 ;Volume 14.(1)
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6 Mork, Paul Jarle; Vik, Kirsti Lund; Moe, Børge; Lier, Ragnhild; Bardal, Ellen Marie; Nilsen, Tom Ivar Lund.
Sleep problems, exercise and obesity and risk of chronic musculoskeletal pain: The Norwegian HUNT study. European Journal of Public Health 2014 ;Volume 24.(6) p. 924-929
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