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Kunnskapsoppsummering og klassifisering av tiltaket Kjærlighet og grenser (2. utg.) (2018)
Bjørknes, Ragnhild;Koposov, Roman A
Ungsinn. Tidsskrift for virksomme tiltak for barn og unge
Family assessment conversations as a tool to support families affected by parental mental illness: a retrospective review of electronic patient journals (2018)
Lauritzen, Camilla;Kolmannskog, Anne Berit;Iversen, Anette Christine
International Journal of Mental Health Systems
Precarious participation: Exploring ethnic minority youth's narratives about out-of-home placement in Norway (2018)
Fylkesnes, Marte Knag;Taylor, Julie;Iversen, Anette Christine
Children and Youth Services Review
“We felt completely left to ourselves.” Foster parents' views on placement disruption. (2019)
Tonheim, Milfrid;Iversen, Anette Christine
Child & Family Social Work
Services according to mental health needs for youth in foster care? - A multi-informant study (2018)
Larsen, Marit Hjellset;Baste, Valborg;Bjørknes, Ragnhild;Myrvold, Trine;Lehmann, Stine
BMC Health Services Research
Why are they reluctant to report? A study of the barriers to reporting to child welfare services among public dental healthcare personnel (2018)
Bjørknes, Ragnhild;Iversen, Anette Christine;Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug;Brattabø, Ingfrid Vaksdal
Health and Social Care in the community
In-Home Services: A Rights-Based Professional Practice Meets Children's and Families' Needs (2018)
Christiansen, Øivin;Hollekim, Ragnhild
Når barnevernet undersøker - Barnevernets undersøkelsesarbeid - delrapport 4 (2019)
Christiansen, Øivin;Havnen, Karen J Skaale;Iversen, Anette Christine;Fylkesnes, Marte Knag;Lauritzen, Camilla;Nygård, Reidunn Håøy;Vis, Svein Arild

The Position of the Child in the Life Experiences of Immigrant Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Study of Service Providers’ Perspectives in Spain (2019)
Herrero-Arias, Raquel;Ortiz-Barreda, Gaby M.;Hollekim, Ragnhild;Briones-Vozmediano, Erica;Vives-Cases, Carmen
Journal of Interpersonal Violence