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DICE-Lab: Bergen Laboratory for the Study of Decision, Intuition, Consciousness, and Emotion

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Sebastian Jentschke
Gisela Petra Bøhm
Andrea Bender
Elisabeth Norman
Karenleigh Anne Overmann
Marina Hirnstein
Mark Price
Hans-Rudiger Pfister
Torill Christine Lindstrøm
Vebjørn Ekroll
Angelo Pirrone


Institutt for samfunnspsykologi
Christies gate 12
5015 Bergen


DICE-lab is one of the research groups at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen. Our focus is on basic and applied research within the field of cognitive psychology. DICE stands for Decision making, Intuition, Consciousness and Emotion. The acronym captures our interest in how our everyday decisions, judgements, reasoning and behaviour are directed by a complex interplay between conscious and unconscious processes, and are influenced by both intuition and emotion. The group works on the interaction of these mental ingredients across many domains.