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1 Bondevik, Lars H..
Extensional fault growth in high-resolution seismic data. : University of Oslo 2022 60 p.
UiO Untitled
2 Burkhart, John; Matt, Felix Nikolaus; Helset, Sigbjørn; Abdella, Yisak Sultan; Skavhaug, Ola; Silantyeva, Olga.
Shyft v4.8: A Framework for Uncertainty Assessment and Distributed Hydrologic Modelling for Operational Hydrology. Geoscientific Model Development 2021 p. -
UiO Untitled
3 Farangitakis, Georgios-Pavlos; McCaffrey, Ken; Willingshofer, Ernst; Allen, Mark B.; Kalnins, Lara M.; van Hunen, Jeroen; Persaud, Patricia; Sokoutis, Dimitrios.
The structural evolution of pull-apart basins in response to changes in plate motion. Basin Research 2021 p. -
UiO Untitled
4 Gresseth, J.L.S; Braathen, Alvar; Serck, Christopher Sæbø; Faleide, Jan Inge; Osmundsen, Per Terje.
Late Paleozoic Supradetachment Basin Configuration in SW Barents Sea – intrabasement Seismic Facies of the Fingerdjupet Subbasin.. Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting; 2021-01-08 - 2021-01-10
NTNU UiO Untitled
5 Haile, Beyene Girma; Line, Lina Hedvig; Klausen, Tore Grane; Olaussen, Snorre; Eide, Christian Haug; Jahren, Jens; Hellevang, Helge.
Identifying and constraining sedimentary recycling from microscopic fluid inclusions in quartz overgrowth. Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting,; 2021-01-06 - 2021-01-08
UiB UiO UNIS Untitled
6 Horvath, Peter; Tang, Hui; Halvorsen, Rune; Stordal, Frode; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Berntsen, Terje Koren; Bryn, Anders.
Improving the representation of high-latitude vegetation distribution in dynamic global vegetation models. Biogeosciences 2021 ;Volume 18. p. 95-112
UiO Untitled
7 Karlsson, Per Erik; Pleijel, Håkan; Andersson, Camilla; Bergström, Robert; Engardt, Magnuz; Eriksen, Aud Else Berglen; Falk, Stefanie; Klingberg, Jenny; Langner, Joakim; Manninen, Sirkku; Stordal, Frode; Tømmervik, Hans; Vollsnes, Ane Victoria.
The vulnerability of northern European vegetation to ozone damage in a changing climate An assessment based on current knowledge. Göteborg: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. 2021 (ISBN 978-91-7883-270-5) 60 p.
NINA UiO Untitled
8 Orsolini, Yvan J.; Guttu, Sigmund; Stordal, Frode.
Impact of Medium-Energy Electron Precipitation on the Middle Atmosphere and on Climate in Decadal Simulations. 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly; 2021-01-28 - 2021-02-04
NILU UiO Untitled
9 Osmundsen, Per Terje; Braathen, Alvar; Gresseth, Julie Linnea; Midtkandal, Ivar; More, M.P; Peron-Pinvidic, Gwenn; Serck, Christopher Sæbø.
Detachment faulting, successive incision and supradetachment basin evolution in large-magnitude extensional systems.. Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting; 2021-01-08 - 2021-01-10
UiO NTNU Untitled
10 Park, Juni; Stein, Holly J.; Hannah, Judith L.; Georgiev, Svetoslav; Yang, Gang; Hammer, Øyvind; Olaussen, Snorre.
Re-Os geochronology of black shale from Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard: a stepping stone toward establishing the age of the J/K boundary.. Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting,; 2021-01-06 - 2021-01-08
UiO UNIS Untitled
11 Sælthun, Nils Roar; Barton, David Nicholas; Venter, Zander Samuel.
REO: estimering av overflateavrenning fra urbane felt. Beregningsgrunnlag for et arealdifferensiert overvannsgebyr (revidert utgave). Oslo: Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) 2021 (ISBN 978-82-426-4723-8) 33 p. NINA rapport(1851b)
NINA UiO Untitled
12 Weber, Ulrich Wolfgang; Kipfer, Rolf; Horstmann, Edith; Ringrose, Philip; Kampman, Niko; Tomonaga, Yama; Brennwald, M.S.; Sundal, Anja.
Noble gas tracers in gas streams at Norwegian CO2 capture plants. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2021 ;Volume 106. p. -
NTNU UiO Untitled
13 Cosgrove, Grace I.E.; Poyatos More, Miquel; Lee, David R.; Hodgson, David M.; McCaffrey, William D.; Mountney, Nigel P..
Intra‐clinothem variability in sedimentary texture and process regime recorded down slope profiles. Sedimentology 2020 ;Volume 67.(1) p. 431-456
UiO Untitled
14 Etzelmüller, Bernd; Patton, Henry; Schomacker, Anders; Czekirda, Justyna; Girod, Luc Maurice Ramuntcho; Hubbard, Alun Lloyd; Lilleøren, Karianne Staalesen; Westermann, Sebastian.
Icelandic permafrost dynamics since the Last Glacial Maximum – model results and geomorphological implications. Quaternary Science Reviews 2020 ;Volume 233:106236. p. -
UiO UiT Untitled
15 Honegger, Louis; Adatte, Thierry; Spangenberg, Jorge E.; Caves Rugenstein, Jeremy K.; Poyatos More, Miquel; Puigdefabregas, Cai; Chanvry, Emmanuelle; Clark, Julian; Fildani, Andrea; Verrechia, Eric; Kouzmanov, Kalin; Harlaux, Matthieu; Castelltort, Sébastien.
Alluvial record of an early Eocene hyperthermal within the Castissent Formation, the Pyrenees, Spain. Climate of the Past 2020 ;Volume 16. p. 227-243
UiO Untitled
16 Masoudi, Mohammad; Miri, Rohaldin; Hellevang, Helge; Kord, S..
Modified PC-SAFT characterization technique for modeling asphaltenic crude oil phase behavior. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2020 ;Volume 513. p. -
UiO Untitled
17 Michie, Emma Alexandra Harrower; Cooke, Andrew; Kaminskaite, Ieva; Stead, Jack; Plenderleith, Gayle; Tobiss, Samuel; Fisher, Quentin J.; Yielding, Graham; Freeman, Brett.
Key controls on the hydraulic properties of fault rocks in carbonates. Petroleum Geoscience 2020 p. -
UiO Untitled
18 Tek, Daniel E.; Poyatos More, Miquel; Patacci, Marco; McArthur, Adam D.; Colombera, Luca; Cullen, Timothy M.; McCaffrey, William D..
Syndepositional tectonics and mass-transport deposits control channelized, bathymetrically complex deep-water systems (Aínsa depocenter, Spain). Journal of Sedimentary Research 2020 ;Volume 90.(7) p. 729-762
UiO Untitled
19 van Yperen, Anna Elisabeth; Holbrook, John M.; Poyatos More, Miquel; Myers, Cody; Midtkandal, Ivar.
Low‐accommodation and backwater effects on sequence stratigraphic surfaces and depositional architecture of fluvio‐deltaic settings (Cretaceous Mesa Rica Sandstone, Dakota Group, USA). Basin Research 2020 ;Volume 33.(1) p. 513-543
UiO Untitled
20 van Yperen, Anna Elisabeth; Poyatos More, Miquel; Holbrook, John M.; Midtkandal, Ivar.
Internal mouth‐bar variability and preservation of subordinate coastal processes in low‐accommodation proximal deltaic settings (Cretaceous Dakota Group, New Mexico, USA). The Depositional Record 2020 ;Volume 6.(2) p. 431-458
UiO Untitled
21 Wysocka, Anna; Pha, Phan Dong; Durska, Ewa; Czarniecka, Urszula; Thang, Do Van; Filipek, Anna; Cuong, Nguyen Quoc; Tuan, Dang Minh; Xuan Huyen, Nguyen; Tha, Hoang Van; Staniszewski, Radosław.
The Na Duong Basin (North Vietnam): A key for understanding Paleogene basin evolution in relation to the left-lateral Cao Bang-Tien Yen Fault. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 2020 ;Volume 195. p. -
UiO Untitled
22 Zuchuat, Valentin; Midtkandal, Ivar; Poyatos More, Miquel; Da Costa, Sigrid; Brooks, Hannah L; Halvorsen, Kristine; Sundal, Anja; Cote, Nathan; Braathen, Alvar.
Brexit, Megxit, and the J-3 Unconformitexit: how they all lost it.. GSA 72nd Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section; 2020-05-04 - 2020-05-05
UiO Untitled
23 Aalstad, Kristoffer; Westermann, Sebastian; Bertino, Laurent.
Evaluating satellite retrieved fractional snow-covered area at a high-Arctic site using terrestrial photography. Remote Sensing of Environment 2020 ;Volume 239. p. -
NERSC UiO Untitled
24 Adalgeirsdottir, Gudfinna; Magnusson, Eyjólfur; Pálsson, Finnur; Thorsteinsson, Thorsteinn; Belart, Joaquin M. C.; Johannesson, Tomas; Hannesdóttir, Hrafnhildur; Sigurðsson, Oddur; Gunnarsson, Andri; Einarsson, Bergur; Berthier, Etienne; Schmidt, Louise Steffensen; Haraldsson, Hannes H.; Björnsson, Helgi.
Glacier changes in Iceland from ~1890 to 2019. Frontiers in Earth Sciences 2020 ;Volume 8. p. 1-15
UiO Untitled
25 Agusti-Ridaura, Celia; Bakke, Marit Jørgensen; Helgesen, Kari Marie Olli; Sundaram, Arvind Y. M.; Bakke, Sigrid Jørgensen; Kaur, Kiranpreet; Horsberg, Tor Einar.
Candidate genes for monitoring hydrogen peroxide resistance in the salmon louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis. Parasites & Vectors 2020 ;Volume 13. p. -
26 Ahmed, Shajahat.
Structural analysis of Horda Platform and Stord Basin in the Norwegian North Sea using Machine Learning method. Oslo: UIO 2020 30 p.
UiO Untitled
27 Alexander, Andreas; Kruusmaa, Maarja; Tuhtan, Jeffrey; Hodson, Andrew; Schuler, Thomas; Kääb, Andreas.
Pressure and inertia sensing drifters for glacial hydrology flow path measurements. The Cryosphere 2020 ;Volume 14.(3) p. 1009-1023
28 Alexander, Andreas; Obu, Jaroslav; Schuler, Thomas; Kääb, Andreas; Christiansen, Hanne H.
Subglacial permafrost dynamics and erosion inside subglacial channels driven by surface events in Svalbard. The Cryosphere 2020 ;Volume 14.(11) p. 4217-4231
UiO UNIS Untitled
29 Altena, Bas; Kääb, Andreas.
Ensemble matching of repeat satellite images applied to measure fast-changing ice flow, verified with mountain climber trajectories on Khumbu icefall, Mount Everest. Journal of Glaciology 2020 ;Volume 66.(260) p. 905-915
UiO Untitled
30 Altmann, Moritz; Piermattei, Livia; Haas, Florian; Heckmann, Tobias; Fleischer, Fabian; Rom, Jakob; Betz-Nutz, Sarah; Knoflach, Bettina; Müller, Svenja; Ramskogler, Katharina; Pfeiffer, Madlene; Hofmeister, Florentin; Ressl, Camillo; Becht, Michael.
Long-Term Changes of Morphodynamics on Little Ice Age Lateral Moraines and the Resulting Sediment Transfer into Mountain Streams in the Upper Kauner Valley, Austria. Water 2020 ;Volume 12.(12) p. -
UiO Untitled
31 Andersen, Tom; Botha, G.A.; Elburg, M.A..
A late Mesozoic – early Cenozoic sedimentary recycling system on the Gondwana rifted margin of SE Africa. South African Journal of Geology 2020 ;Volume 123.(3) p. 343-356
UiO Untitled
32 Andersen, Tom; Elburg, Marlina Augusta; Lehmann, Jeremie.
Enigmatic provenance signature of sandstone from the Okwa Group, Botswana. South African Journal of Geology 2020 ;Volume 123. p. 331-342
UiO Untitled
33 Andresen, Arild.
Lithostratigraphic and structural data from Hardangervidda, southern Norway supporting extended interaction between Avalonia and Baltica.. Geological Society Special Publication 2020 ;Volume 503.
UiO Untitled
34 Andresen, Arild.
Soft docking of Baltica and Avalonia?. Nordic Geological Winter Meeting; 2020-01-08 - 2020-01-10
UiO Untitled
35 Anell, Ingrid Margareta; Serck, Christopher Sæbø; Zuchuat, Valentin; Braathen, Alvar.
Structural influence on Triassic deposition on the Northern Barents Shelf. Nordic Geological Winter Meeting; 2020-01-08 - 2020-01-10
UiO Untitled
36 Anell, Ingrid Margareta; Zuchuat, Valentin; Röhnert, A.D.; Smyrak-Sikora, Aleksandra; Buckley, Simon John; Lord, Gareth Steven; Maher, H.; Midtkandal, Ivar; Ogata, Kei; Olaussen, Snorre; Osmundsen, Per Terje; Braathen, Alvar.
Tidal amplification and along‐strike process variability in a mixed‐energy paralic system prograding onto a low accommodation shelf, Edgeøya, Svalbard. Basin Research 2020 p. 1-35
37 Angelopoulos, Michael; Overduin, Pier Paul; Westermann, Sebastian; Tronicke, Jens; Strauss, Jens; Schirrmeister, Lutz; Biskaborn, Boris K.; Liebner, Susanne; Maksimov, Georgii; Grigoriev, Mikhail N; Grosse, Guido.
Thermokarst Lake to Lagoon Transitions in Eastern Siberia: Do Submerged Taliks Refreeze?. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Earth Surface 2020 ;Volume 125.(10) p. -
UiO Untitled
38 Arp, Hans Peter; Morin, Nicolas; Andersson, Patrik L.; Hale, Sarah; Wania, Frank; Breivik, Knut; Breedveld, Gijs D..
The presence, emission and partitioning behavior of polychlorinated biphenyls in waste, leachate and aerosols from Norwegian waste-handling facilities. Science of the Total Environment 2020 ;Volume 715. p. -
39 Auzemery, A.; Willingshofer, E.; Yamato, P.; Duretz, T.; Sokoutis, Dimitrios.
Strain localization mechanisms for subduction initiation at passive margins. Global and Planetary Change 2020 ;Volume 195. p. -
UiO Untitled
40 Bakke, Sigrid Jørgensen; Ionita, Monica; Tallaksen, Lena M..
The 2018 northern European hydrological drought and itsdrivers in a historical perspective. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2020 ;Volume 24. p. 5621-5653
UiO Untitled
41 Barzycka, Barbara; Grabiec, Mariusz; Błaszczyk, Małgorzata; Ignatiuk, Dariusz; Laska, Michał; Hagen, Jon Ove Methlie; Jania, Jacek.
Changes of glacier facies on Hornsund glaciers (Svalbard) during the decade 2007–2017. Remote Sensing of Environment 2020 ;Volume 251. p. -
UiO Untitled
42 Bellouin, Nicolas; Quaas, Johannes; Gryspeerdt, Edward; Kinne, Stephan A.; Stier, Philip; Watson-Parris, Duncan; Boucher, Oliviér; Carslaw, Kenneth S.; Christensen, Matthew W.; Daniau, Anne-Laure; Dufresne, Jean-Louis; Feingold, Graham; Fiedler, Stephanie; Forster, Piers Maxwell; Gettelman, Andrew; Haywood, Jim M.; Lohmann, Ulrike; Malavelle, Florent F.; Mauritsen, Thorsten; McCoy, Daniel T.; Myhre, Gunnar; Mülmenstädt, Johannes; Neubauer, David; Possner, Anna; Rugenstein, Maria A.A.; Sato, Yousuke; Schulz, Michael; Schwartz, Stephen E.; Sourdeval, Odran; Storelvmo, Trude; Toll, Velle; Winker, David M.; Stevens, Björn.
Bounding global aerosol radiative forcing of climate change. Reviews of Geophysics 2020 ;Volume 58. p. -
43 Betlem, Peter; Birchall, Thomas; Ogata, Kei; Park, Joonsang; Skurtveit, Elin; Senger, Kim.
Digital Drill Core Models: Structure-from-Motion as a Tool for the Characterisation, Orientation, and Digital Archiving of Drill Core Samples. Remote Sensing 2020 ;Volume 12.(2) p. -
NGI UiO UNIS Untitled
44 Bhattarai, Bikas Chandra; Burkhart, John; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Xu, Chong-Yu; Matt, Felix Nikolaus.
Evaluation of global forcing datasets for hydropower inflow simulation in Nepal. Hydrology Research 2020 ;Volume 51.(2) p. 202-225
UiO Untitled
45 Bhattarai, Bikas Chandra; Silantyeva, Olga; Teweldebrhan, Aynom Tesfay; Helset, Sigbjørn; Skavhaug, Ola; Burkhart, John.
Impact of Catchment Discretization and Imputed Radiation on Model Response: A Case Study from Central Himalayan Catchment. Water 2020 ;Volume 12.(9) p. -
UiO Untitled
46 Bian, G.D.; Du, Jinkang; Song, Mingming; Zhang, Xueliang; Zhang, Xingqi; Li, Runjie; Wu, Sengyao; Duan, Zheng; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Detection and attribution of flood responses to precipitation change and urbanization: a case study in Qinhuai River Basin, Southeast China. Hydrology Research 2020 ;Volume 51.(2) p. 351-365
UiO Untitled
47 Birchall, Thomas; Senger, Kim; Hornum, Mikkel Toft; Olaussen, Snorre; Braathen, Alvar.
Underpressure in the northern Barents shelf: Causes and implications for hydrocarbon exploration. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 2020 ;Volume 104.(11) p. 2267-2295
UiO UNIS Untitled
48 Bjordal, Jenny; Storelvmo, Trude; Alterskjær, Kari; Carlsen, Tim.
Equilibrium climate sensitivity above 5 °C plausible due to state-dependent cloud feedback. Nature Geoscience 2020 ;Volume 13. p. 718-721
49 Boehnert, S.; Birkelund, Anniken Rotstigen; Schmiedl, G.; Kuhnert, H.; Kuhn, Gerhard; Hass, H.C.; Hebbeln, Dierk.
Test deformation and chemistry of foraminifera as response to anthropogenic heavy metal input. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2020 ;Volume 155.
UiO Untitled
50 Bohloli, Bahman; Skurtveit, Elin; Choi, Jung Chan; Grande, Lars; Sauvin, Guillaume; Soldal, Magnus; Wilkinson, Heidi.
Determination of shear properties and evaluation of fracture reactivation for a clay-rich shale: a case study from Svalbard, Arctic Norway. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 2020 ;Volume 79. p. 4859-4872
NGI UiO Untitled
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