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1 Farhoud, Mohamed; Shah, Sheeza; Stenholm, Pekka; Kibler, Ewald; Renko, Maija; Terjesen, Siri.
Social enterprise crowdfunding in an acute crisis. Journal of Business Venturing Insights 2021 ;Volume 15. p. -
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2 Martínez-García, Irma; Terjesen, Siri; Gómez-Ansón, Silvia.
Board Gender Diversity Codes, Quotas and Threats of Supranational Legislation: Impact on Director Characteristics and Corporate Outcomes. British Journal of Management 2021 p. -
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3 Brieger, Steven A; Bäro, Anne; Criaco, Giuseppe; Terjesen, Siri.
Entrepreneurs’ age, institutions, and social value creation goals: A multi-country study. Small Business Economics 2020
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4 Darnihamedani, Pourya; Terjesen, Siri.
Male and female entrepreneurs’ employment growth ambitions: the contingent role of regulatory efficiency. Small Business Economics 2020 p. -
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5 Kher, Romi; Terjesen, Siri; Liu, Chen.
Blockchain, Bitcoin, and ICOs: a review and research agenda. Small Business Economics 2020
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6 Tyrowicz, Joanna; Terjesen, Siri; Mazurek, Jakub.
All on board? New evidence on board gender diversity from a large panel of European firms. European Management Journal 2020 ;Volume 38. p. 634-645
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7 de Cabo, Ruth Mateos; Terjesen, Siri; Escot, Lorenzo; Gimeno, Richard.
Do ‘soft law’ board gender quotas work? Evidence from a natural experiment. European Management Journal 2019 ;Volume 37.(5) p. 611-624
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8 Yang, Philip; Riepe, Jan; Moser, Katharina; Pull, Kerstin; Terjesen, Siri.
Women directors, firm performance, and firm risk: A causal perspective. Leadership Quarterly 2019 ;Volume 30.(5) p. 1-15
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9 Bjørnåli, Ekaterina S.; Farstad, Ingvild; Brovold, Benedicte Kimo; Terjesen, Siri.
Kvinne og toppleder: Hvilke faktorer fremmer en lederkarriere?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2018 (5) p. 31-39
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10 Brieger, Steven A; Terjesen, Siri; Hechavarría, Diana M.; Welzel, Christian.
Prosociality in Business: A Human Empowerment Framework. Journal of Business Ethics 2018 p. 1-20
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11 Devine, Richard A.; Molina‐Sieiro, Gonzalo; Holmes Jr., R. Michael; Terjesen, Siri.
Female‐Led High‐Growth: Examining the Role of Human and Financial Resource Management. Journal of Small Business Management 2018
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12 Li, Hezun; Terjesen, Siri; Umans, Timurs.
Corporate governance in entrepreneurial firms: a systematic review and research agenda. Small Business Economics 2018 p. 1-32
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13 Thams, Yannick; Bendell, Bari L.; Terjesen, Siri.
Explaining women's presence on corporate boards: The institutionalization of progressive gender-related policies. Journal of Business Research 2018 ;Volume 86. p. 130-140
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14 Hechavarria, Diana; Terjesen, Siri; Ingram, Amy; Renko, Maija; Justo, Rachida; Elam, Amanda.
Taking care of business: the impact of culture and gender on entrepreneurs' blended value creation goals. Small Business Economics 2017 ;Volume 48.(1) p. 225-257
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15 Sealy, Ruth; Doldor, Elena; Vinnicombe, Susan; Terjesen, Siri; Anderson, Deirdre; Atewologun, Doyin.
Expanding the Notion of Dialogic Trading Zones for Impactful Research: The Case of Women on Boards Research. British Journal of Management 2017 ;Volume 28.(1) p. 64-83
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16 Tenzer, Helene; Terjesen, Siri; Harzing, Anne-Wil.
Language in International Business: A Review and Agenda for Future Research. MIR. Management International Review: journal of international business 2017 ;Volume 57. p. 815-854
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17 Terjesen, Siri.
Conditions for high-potential female entrepreneurship. IZA World of Labor 2016 ;Volume 255.
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18 Terjesen, Siri; Guedes, Maria Joao; Patel, Pankaj C..
Founded in adversity: Operations-based survival strategies of ventures founded during a recession. International Journal of Production Economics 2016 ;Volume 173. p. 161-169
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19 Terjesen, Siri; Sealy, Ruth.
Board Gender Quotas: Exploring Ethical Tensions From A Multi-Theoretical Perspective. Business Ethics Quarterly 2016 ;Volume 26.(1) p. -
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20 Terjesen, Siri; Willis, Amy.
Experimental economics and business education: an interview With Nobel Laureate Vernon Lomax Smith. Small Business Economics 2016 ;Volume 47. p. 261-275
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21 Urbig, Diemo; Terjesen, Siri; Procher, Vivien; Muehlfeld, Katrin; Van Witteloostuijn, Arjen.
Come on and take a free ride: Contributing to public goods in native and foreign language settings. Academy of Management Learning & Education 2016 ;Volume 15.(2) p. 268-286
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